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John Hancock
I Can't Stop Playing This Indie Game!

I wanted to give a spotlight to an indie game that I bought for the Atari VCS as I thought it was well done for a 3D Puzzle Platformer.
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Ballistik Coffee Boy
No Filter HD #30 - End's Reach

On this episode of #NoFilterHD #SpecialEdition, I play #EndsReach by @cuirassentertainmentltd.4874 ! This is an #AtariVCS #exclusive which came out on July 28, 2023, but due to issues beyond my control, I had to re-shoot the gameplay footage & video from start on 7/31/23. On this #launchday special, I take a first look & play the #game, guzzle #coffee & #chat with you as I play. What do you think? This is a #metroidvania style open-world exploration game! Very fun! Nothing like it on the #Atari #vcs
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KRAZ Productions
Atari Dev Space

Special (BTS of End's Reach for the Atari VCS) [with Uncle Flip and C. Williams]
Screenshot of Good Times With Retro Rich

Bacon Ice Cream Productions
Fun For Five! Good Times With Retro Rich

A new exclusive game Jumps it's way onto the Atari VCS!!" Find out what Rich thinks of this new game on the VCS Store!! Rich is playing through one of his games, and giving the game five minutes. Can he "Find the Fun" in that time? Watch now to find out! Today's game is the recent pickup: End's Reach for the Atari VCS!
Screenshot of a youtube-aired developer interview with Christian

Ballistik Coffee Boy
Dev Spotlight - Atari Newsline

On this #AtariNewsline #Developer #Spotlight (v.2), I talk to Christian w/ @cuirassentertainmentltd.4874 (Cuirass Entertainment), dev for #EndsReach out today exclusively on the #AtariVCS! This is an indie #metroidvania style #game that has been in the making for more than 3 years by a solo dev. I talk to the dev about #gaming inspirations, working with #Atari, past & present company history, future plans for #games, working with #Atari & much more! Episode length: About 54 minutes.