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End's Reach screenshot of main character overlooking a waterfall

Atari VCS
End's Reach

End's Reach is a science fiction action-adventure platformer which follows the endeavours of a man who wakes up lost in deep space with a broken suit and a shattered mind, driven by nothing but the memory of someone he seeks to locate. Players assume this role and explore the ruins of ancient civilizations across long-dead planets, learning their fates and collecting legendary weapons to further the journey. End's Reach is a mixture of fast combat, puzzles, platforming, and item based exploration. Part 'Metroidvania' and part traditional 3D Zelda - players will spend equal time solving puzzles and mysteries as they do defeating varied and unique enemies with the tools and weapons they've collected along the way.
Screenshot of Carrier

PC - Steam

Carrier is a timing-based puzzle game in which players encode and modify radio waves to avoid interception. Available now for FREE on Steam.
Screenshot of Planet Goo

Planet Goo

Planet Goo is a real-time strategy puzzle game. Guide your Goos through a variety of different challenges and rescue as many as you can.